Sunday, September 13, 2009

Farewell Mr.MS...

I was just uploading my latest pics and couldn't ignore the fact that i am turning into a mini Godzilla! By nature i have a physique that shows when i gorge food and remain adamant on not sweating it out. Post marriage i am just ballooning up! Not that i have always been trim. I have had weight issues ever since i remember. Getting rid of the extra pounds was hard because of my absolute abhorrence of exercise.

Let me tell you the factors contributing to my recent achievement of going up the weight scales. I attribute it completely to my laziness combined with the easy access to junk food at my work place. The quick meals at KFC and the Cheesy burgers of Mc.D are the prime culprits. Also the weekly outings to the city restro's with my better half has aggravated the problem.

One thing i know for sure is i cant live without food. The realization rubbed in when i tried out the GM Diet. It was pure torture to live on veggies and fruits for a whole week. It totally drained me out emotionally. Depression set in and i was irritated all the time! Finally, i called it quits on the 3rd day and dragged my husband to the nearest restro to satiate my hunger with sumptuous servings of butter naan and chicken do pyasa.

I cant imagine how people manage to live through the GM diet! Clearly it doesn't work for me. I simply can't go without food. Food makes me happy. The four letter word means emotional stability to me.

Now that i am decided on not being victimised by torturous diets my only other option is to start working out. Maybe i should dust out my annual membership card at the gym. I haven't stepped in there for ages. The reason for my absence is obvious. You expect me to work out when its 40 degree Celsius outside? It doesn't help even if the Gym is air conditioned. The very thought of heat outside tires you! So, i had promised i would restart work outs once summer subsides. Summer has waned and the showers are here, but still am no where near the Gym. Thanks to Mr. MS. For those of you who are not aware, Mr.MS happens to be my dear companion in the journey of weight gain - Monday Syndrome. Through out the week he persuades me into convincing myself and everyone around that i will be going back to Gym the next Monday. And on Mondays inadvertently he makes me cook up excuses ranging from work overload to late cabs and imaginary aches in different parts of my body in order to avoid that quick visit to the gym.

But i have had enough of his silly excuses. I am going to assert my will over this perverted psychological issue of mine and drag myself to the Gym. Tomorrow is Monday and tomorrow i will put an end to Mr.MS. I will wring his throat, Choke him to death and bury him deep enough so that he never resurfaces again!

i am jumping head long into 3 months of hard training to get back in shape and plaster the mouths of those sadists who take great pleasure in screwing up my happiness by mentioning "hey you have put on weight". Yeah, like i didn't notice!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Arranged marriage? Excuse me please!!

Strangely enough my whole life revolved around finding Mr. Right and living happily ever after!
I was curious about this mystery person who would at one point take my hand in marriage and wondered if it would be a fairy tale or a nightmare come true. That is precisely why when it actually came to the point of making a decision of tieing the knot i was in a muddle. Sure, it is a wonderful thing to dream about but the nearer you get to the point of making the decision of settling down the more unsettling it is!

As soon as i completed my post graduation my mom got stung by "the-groom-hunting-bug". Once afflicted by its venom amma got into an insane frenzy of deciding to narrow down a suitable son-in-law for her elder daughter. Before i could blink she managed to arrange a pennukanal! I was flabbergasted to say the least. What about my dreams of running away and having a love marriage?! But then reality flashed in front of me - I do not have any lover bold enough to settle down with me in the first place! I am done with my studies, have a decent job and most important of all I have nothing better to do! So whats the point in resisting!

Pennukanal was awkward. Trust me it is the most embarrassing thing to be left alone in a room with a guy you are meeting for the first time in life and being asked to have small talk! It was more than obvious that we didn't know what to talk and i spent most of the time fixing my attention on the floor thinking intensely to turn up with questions to ask my potential future husband. It was obvious both of us were blank as black boards and wanted to get it over with!

My parents asked me if i liked the guy. " decision will be mine too" was all i could mumble. After all he seemed nice. Let us see where it goes. After i muttered those words, that things proceeded at lightening speed. Before i knew, it was decided i would be getting married to the guy who came to see me for my very first pennukanal.

From then on it was an attempt to get to know each other which got complicated with the fact that he had to fly to the US for some project. Internet and long distance calls were the only source of communication. God bless whoever invented it! Sleepless nights to battle the time difference and keeping in touch ensued for the 4 months until our engagement. It was during those days i realised i am lucky enough to have some one as good as him. More than anything else i realised he was kind, simple and caring. Without a doubt he was a better human being than i ever was.

Almost one year into the marriage my views haven't changed and each day i realise how lucky i am to be blessed with a partner who spoils me with abundance of love and a sense of security. So, does arranged marriage work in today's world? Hell Yeah!!

Back in action...

Just got reminded of my long abandoned blog when one of my friends messaged me that she has started one. My last entry here is almost two years back, when i was about to set out to Pondicherry for my college excursion. Was intending to write about the trip in detail after returning, but some how it never happened. Not because the journey wasn't interesting enough but simply lost patience to sit down and scribble down the intricate details of a wild all girls tour that could never be contained in a few words. And then got busy with other things - college, job, teaching, marriage and settling down in a new city. One thing lead to another and lack of time coupled with lack of patience erased the memories of my nonsensefile into oblivion. But now there is an urge in me to raise my blog from the ashes and fill it with all the wonderful phases i have been through, the things i have seen and the experiences i have shared. Most of all i want to use this space to reflect my life and me honestly.