Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Religion of Politricks

I rushed into the auto,
running late to work, 
gasping for breath,
I asked him to lower
the blaring radio
spitting election news.

As the volume lowered 
and better sense restored,
he started a conversation
that turned more a monologue,
as i remained reaction-less,
impatient and cross,
at this uninvited jabber.

"Madam this time the tides are changing!"
He exclaimed excited.
"Anarchy and decay 
have swept the land.
But this time the wheels
of fortune will change.
This time righteousness will prevail.
I have fasted and prayed,
Offered poojas at dawn
and showered garlands countless.
This time I have
pierced my tongue,
and pleased the family deity.
For sure this time, 
Amma will take power, 
snubbing the forces oppossing.

Madam i will tell you how
Amma is the one, 
Destined by stars divine;
Amma is the goddess herself Madam!
Yes, a reincarnation of Durga.
The Goddess fierce and furious,
The warrior who rages,
battles injustice,
and tramples vicious demons,
whose presence pollute. 
Yes she was born,
to redeem the land!

Amma is my living deity Madam.
Dont be scared,
But i was put in jail,
Yes, of course it was fixed,
False charges, you see.
My family and I,
Rotted in misery,
For countless days,
Unsure and tortured,
Until one day, 
A miracle happened,
The party rescued me
Giving me
a second lease of life.

Ever since i have been faithful
I have recruited and enrolled,
Big names for the party,
But i have never contested,
For it invites envy and quarrel aplenty.
I have no regrets anyhow,
For people come to me begging seats now.

If the party wins,
I will make my auto AC.
And take you around for free.
If the party wins,
I assure you,
a government job
With a snap of my thumbs.
If the party wins,
we will be kings.
If the party wins,
We will erase,
Not just the opposition,
But their questionable position,
On the existence of God. 
If the party wins,
we will replace,
all the Christians
Of this land.
For Christians, 
worship a God that is not Hindu.
But don't you worry Madam,
The party is kind to your Islam,
For did you know, 
Our devi was wedded
To a muslim.
If the party wins,
Together we will monopolize the offices of power.
And kick the Christians on their asses!

Madam I never let a Christain,
step into my auto.
If they do,
I ask them to leave, 
Never bothering about my fare.

Madam don't worry, your job i assure,
For the days to come will bring us cheer.
I can adjust with your people
But never with the cursed Christians".

We reached the destination.
I stepped out.
Asked if he needed his fare.
For i was a Christian
Who he had took for 
a Muslim.


Bing (PinkLady) said...

interesting culture... disturbing fact of life... why is there a line between religions? this was very well written and i enjoyed reading your narrative poem.

thanks for visiting my blog. :)

Vyankatesh said...

Interesting read.

You have nicely painted about the religious connotations to political battles - a thing which should be abhorred (in my personal opinion).

Jesse.s.mitchell said...

cool, I like it.

Jingle said...

lovely story.
well put.

Anonymous said...

nice tale! enjoy the rally!

Anonymous said...

well put...assumptions (wrong) abound in all of society everywhere. Very well done!

Anonymous said...

What a monologue. You capture it so well. I'd love to hear this piece performed--I think it would work beautifully in a slam. Thanks for sharing this one for the rally!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful motion- I was rolling with the energy. Love your style!

Art of Starving said...

A regular taxi-driving Jabberwocky. I could see this man so clearly, you painted him exact and real. Way to capture a whole debate and conflict and behavior of hypocrisy with such a gentle hammer. The ending was the cherry.

Anonymous said...

It seems that people and politics are the same around the world *sigh.*

shafeeq valanchery said...

awesome piece;
who is this Devi?

Danielle Mari said...

Great way to end it!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Reminded me of a similar conversation I had with an auto guy. I love the rhymes !

Nonsensefile!! said...

Thank you everyone for dropping by and leaving your thoughts. Its very fulfilling to know that this local Indian encounter made sense to all of you from different parts of the globe. Although it was disturbing at the time to sense such hatred, i I don't fault him. He is one among the many uneducated taken for a ride by the power politicians. What's more disheartening will be if the educated masses harbour the same religion based prejudices.

@Shafeeq - According to him it was Sita. But i still have my doubts about the validity of this claim. I think he meant some reincarnation of Sita Devi. Not very sure.